How Smart are Pandas?

How Smart are Pandas?

Giant Pandas are up there as being some of the most popular creatures to roam our planet. These amazing creatures are the national treasure of China, and are hugely popular. This is one of the many reasons why panda merchandise such as a panda costume or panda hoodies, are in such high demand. Thousands of years ago, giant pandas were as common domestic household pets and if anything, their numbers were too high. Sadly, as a result of hunting, and loss of habitat, we came very close to losing giant pandas for good. Thankfully, conservation efforts were introduced as well as fundraising via the sales of things like a panda suit and panda merchandise, and panda sanctuaries were created. Amazingly, pandas were taken off the critically endangered list a few years back, so conservation efforts are working. Today we’re going to be looking at pandas and their IQ, as we attempt to find out just how intelligent they really are. Have a read of this article and let’s find out just how smart pandas really are. The answer may come as a bit of a surprise.


Why are pandas seen as animals with a low IQ? – If you watch funny panda videos online, you’ll see that teh interwebz is full of videos of pandas slipping over, tripping over, falling from trees, rolling down hills, and of course, being startled by their offspring sneezing unexpectedly. Yes, pandas are perhaps not the most graceful and majestic animals on the planet, but clumsiness does not indicate a lack of intelligence. Pandas are actually very cunning and intelligent animals, and they can actually be fairly vicious in some situations.


Proof that pandas are smart – So, we’ve established that, although clumsy, pandas are actually very intelligent animals. But it’s easy to sit here and say that pandas are smart, but where’s the proof? Well, below you’ll find a series of examples of panda intelligence and cunning that has been displayed over the years. After reading these examples, you’ll never look at pandas in the same light again.


The great panda prison break – Okay, pandas having actually been locked up in prison(zoo and panda base) for without committing crimes(actually, people just wanna protect them), but they have been kept in captivity for their own safety, conservation, and protection. You see, it’s tough out there in the wild, which is why panda sanctuaries and zoos across the world keep these animals in spacious enclosures under the very best conditions possible. Despite this, due to their naturally inquisitive nature, pandas always seem to want to explore. In one incredible instance of panda intelligence and teamwork, pandas were able to do exactly that. You see, in one instance there were two pandas named ‘Qingxiao’ and ‘Menglan’ that were kept in an enclosed panda sanctuary. The two pandas however, teamed up in a daring bid to escape. Amazingly, Qingxiao approached the base of the wall and crouched down as Menglan climbed onto Qingxiao’s back and was able to climb up and over the wall of the enclosure to escape.


Pandas are great problem solvers – In another instance of impressive panda intelligence, researchers at a panda sanctuary wanted to learn more about pandas and wanted to catch the pandas in a cage just to check them over and give them an examination to ensure they were okay. Pandas enjoy eating bones, and so researchers placed bones inside the cage, hoping to tempt the panda inside. Instead, the panda sensed it was a trap and rather than entering the cage, it instead stuck its paws through the bars of the cage and pulled the bone through the gaps. The researchers were impressed by this, but also frustrated and so they used wood to block off the bars on the walls of the cage. They expected this trick to work but it didn’t. Again, the panda smelled the bone and wanted it, but it also sensed that something was wrong. Rather than entering the cage, the panda instead climbed onto the roof of the cage, which had not been covered with wood, and reached down into the cage from above to grab the bone. Try as they might, the researchers just couldn’t trap the panda naturally as it was just too cautious and too smart. In the end, they had no choice but to use a tranquilizer dart on the panda. The panda was checked over and was fine by the way.


Pandas can manipulate people – If you thought that pandas were dumb then after reading this next section you will be forgiven for thinking that it is in fact people that are dumb. You see, in one instance of incredible cunning, a female panda at a Chinese Panda breeding sanctuary named Al Hin, is believed to have faked being pregnant in order to receive more care, attention, and tasty treats. You see, Al Hin is thought to have figured out that, if people thought she was pregnant, she would get more fruit, bamboo and tasty treats that pandas love. She started to display unusual behaviour for a panda. By this, we mean that she started to act in a certain way that female pandas typically act when they are actually pregnant. This behaviour was unusual for her normal character, and researchers grew excited as they thought she was pregnant. Pandas are incredibly tough to breed, so this was a big deal. Al Hing was spoiled rotten and was given far more treats and care than usual. However, she gave the game away because researchers noticed that, after she had eaten her fill of tasty treats, she would revert back to normal behaviour until she became hungry again, then she would change her behaviour. It was found that she wasn’t pregnant, but this type of cunning impressed everyone.


Pandas can be trained – Okay, we understand that training pandas to act for our amusement isn’t very ethical, but we can’t change history. You see, one panda named YingYing was considered the ultimate panda show-woman. She would ride children’s toy cars, play ball games, solve puzzles play basketball, and she would even take herself to the toilet when she needed it, and would simply come back out on stage after relieving herself, and carry on her act. YingYing has even appeared in movies and on TV, and received plenty of VIP treatment.


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