How to purchase a Mascot Costumes – The Ultimate Guide

Pandashock Mascot Costumes – The Ultimate Guide

Do you love Pandas? Of course you love pandas, what kind of a ridiculous question is that?! Everybody loves pandas. Pandas are nature’s real-life teddy bears, though if you’ve been paying attention to our previous blog posts, you’ll know that pandas do also have a bit of a wild side and they can get aggressive in some cases. 99% of the time however, pandas are cute and loveable. We certainly love them here at, which is why we decided to start our amazing business. We share the same region as the humble panda bear so we almost literally have these amazing creatures living right on our door step. With a name like panda shock, you can probably guess that we’re passionate about pandas, though we do also offer something other than panda-themed merchandise for when pandas do seem a bit much. Our mascot costumes for example, are incredibly popular and they offer businesses a whole variety of different benefits and advantages. But why do you need a mascot costume, how do you choose the right one, and how can you be the best mascot performer you can be? All those questions, plus a few more, will be answered in our handy guide on mascot costumes from


Why choose a mascot costume?


In the highly competitive business world, it seems as if it’s getting tougher and tougher to stay relevant when you’re fighting off competition from seemingly all angles. You need to incorporate a whole variety of different strategies when it comes to running your business, which is why we’re going to be looking at mascot costumes today. Having a mascot for your business is highly beneficial but having a performer inside a mascot costume will take your business to heights never seen before. Don’t believe us? Just check out this list of benefits associated with purchasing a mascot costume for business purposes:


Give your business a family-friendly image – Let’s face it, in the business world, first impressions are everything. You want your business to look professional but to also show people that everybody is welcome. If you have a shop on a busy High Street for example, if you have a person in a mascot costume standing outside, interacting with potential customers this gives your store a positive image and instantly tells people that you are family-friendly. Kids absolutely love mascot costumes and the mere sight of your mascot will instantly appeal to children and will have them kicking and screaming until their parents let them into your store to look around. This isn’t just good for the image, it’s also good for your takings because the more people you can get into your store, the more sales you will likely make.


Create a positive image – It isn’t just a family-friendly image that mascots will create, another advantage is the fact that they also create positive images for the business. Having a mascot makes you look professional, yet it also gives your business a fun persona. It shows that you are professional, but still up for a laugh and are able to have fun when the need arises. Basically, there isn’t a single negative we can think of in terms of image as far as a mascot is concerned.


Build brand awareness – The third advantage associated with a mascot costume is the fact that having a mascot will help you to build brand awareness. All businesses have a brand. Now, that brand could be a name, it could be a colour, it could be a series of colours, it could be a logo, or it could be a combination of all of the above. The more people that are aware of your brand however, the more people will be aware of your business and the more likely you will be to have some serious custom. Just to give you an example of how powerful brand awareness can be, we’re going to talk to you about a well-known fast food company and we’re going to make you crave one of their burgers. This company is very popular, and they have a large yellow letter of the alphabet for their logo, on a red background. You know who we’re talking about right, and if you’re hungry, you could probably go for one of their burgers right about now? While we can’t guarantee that a mascot costume will make your business anywhere near as large as the aforementioned fast food company, we can guarantee that a mascot costume emblazoned with your company name, colours, and/or logo, will help people to become more aware of who you are and what you can offer them.


Mascots offer free promotion – With social media now such a huge driving force in the world of marketing and advertising, it isn’t cheap to advertise your business on social media or to run an online marketing campaign. You need to spend money to make money, but at the same time, there are ways of getting the general public to promote your business for you. To begin with, virtually everybody has a smart phone nowadays, which means that virtually everybody has a camera, along with a computer with online capabilities right in their pockets. If you’re walking down the street and you see a giant dancing cheeseburger in the street for example, you may be tempted to snap a picture or video and upload it to social media. If the cheeseburger happened to have your company name and logo on the suit however, everybody that sees that picture will now be aware of who your business is and what your logo looks like. If they’re ever craving a burger and are in the area, they’ll know that your burger bar isn’t far away. You can even encourage customers to snap a selfie with your mascot, to follow your social media page and to upload the picture to be in with a shot of winning a prize perhaps. Not only do people see your logo and mascot, but you can also grow your social media following in the process.


Mascots are tough to ignore – If you’re walking down a busy High Street, do you pay attention to every store that you pass? Probably not, and we wouldn’t blame you at all. If however, you’re walking down a High Street and you see a bright and colourful mascot costume dancing in the street, your eyes will instantly be drawn to him or her. After looking at the mascot you will then be drawn to the store and will be more likely to make your way in and look around. If you’re on the lookout for a sandwich for your lunch, but aren’t sure where may be good, a sandwich store with a giant dancing sandwich right out front will instantly catch your eye and will probably make your mind up for you. As a business owner, it’s almost like fishing as you use the mascot costume as bait, to lure the customers inside.


How to be an awesome mascot performer


Okay, now that we’ve looked at a few of the main benefits of mascot costumes, we’ll look at the slightly trickier side of things. Yep, we’re talking about performing inside the mascot suit. Remember, somebody has to wear the costume, and while you can pay people to wear the suit and perform for you, if you are looking to save money you may be tempted to throw the suit on for yourself. If not, you never know when you might need to mascot costume-up and perform, so check out this list of tips based on being the best mascot performer that you can be.



Remember that mascot costumes get hot – The first, and perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to mascot costumes is the fact that they can get very hot. Even in winter, being a suit can be hot and if you’re not careful you could put your life at risk. Always wear loose-fitting clothing, drink plenty of water, and think about having a cool bottle of water in there with you. Here at Pandashock, we understand the importance of staying cool in a mascot costume, which is why our costumes offer plenty of ventilation, along with in-built battery-powered fans. That means that even on the warmest of days, you can still stay nice and cool inside and can promote your business without running the risk of dehydration.


Be overly dramatic – Remember, when you’re inside the mascot costume, you aren’t you at all, you’re whomever your costume character is supposed to be. This means that you have to create a persona and draw attention to yourself in a fun and endearing way. This is where it pays to be overly dramatic and to overexaggerate your every move. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking down the street, waving at children passing by, or just beckoning passers by into your store, you should always over-exaggerate. Your character/costume will be larger than life, which means that you need to be as well. Basically, just throw the costume on and have a whole lot of silly fun. Make ridiculous hand gestures and try to engage with passers-by and interact with them. For every action they make, come up with a whacky and zany reaction.


Slow it down – At the beginning of a shift inside the mascot costume, it’s easy to get over excited and to peak too early. You see, performing inside a mascot costume is physically demanding, especially if you’re warm. Our costumes have in-built fans so that certainly helps, but even so, it can be difficult to stay cool when you’re constantly on the go. In a mascot costume you are always active. When you’re not walking or waving you’re interacting with people in some way, and this can get tiring. Try to slow your actions down and pace yourself. If you tire yourself out too early your performance will suffer and you could actually wind up putting your health at risk. Begin slowly when the crowds are quieter and speed things up and get more intense as the crowds build. If you are genuinely in need of a break you can even exaggerate ‘exhausted’ gestures by laying down dramatically on the ground or wiping imaginary sweat off your forehead.


Always change in private – Seeing a person slipping inside a mascot costume is the equivalent of finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real. It kills the magic, and nobody wants that. Before you begin your shift in the costume, make sure you change somewhere private, out of sight of the general public. This is perhaps the most important rule when it comes to mascot performances, and there should be no exceptions, other than during an actual emergency, which we hope never happens.


About Pandashock


Before we leave you to browse our site for mascot costumes, we’ll also talk to you about our panda merch. At, we have virtually every single piece of panda-themed merchandise that you can wish for. We have panda onesies, panda pyjamas, panda hoodies, panda costumes, key chains, stationary, and much more besides. If pandas are your thing and/or you also need a mascot for your business, be sure to browse our site. You won’t be disappointed.