Why a Panda Backpack is the Ultimate Accessory this Summer!

Why a Panda Backpack is the Ultimate Accessory this Summer!

Well, it’s official, the days are growing longer, the air is turning warmer, the weather is improving, which can only mean that summer will soon be upon us.


After spending the best part of a year in lockdown, it’s safe to say that we’re all eager to get out and about, get some normality back in our lives and start enjoying life once more.


If you want the ultimate day out, then a visit to the zoo, or local wildlife sanctuary could prove to be the perfect escape.


Those who are fortunate enough to be located near to Sichuan or Chengdu, China, may wish to visit a giant panda sanctuary and see the conservational efforts which have gone into preserving this species and helping them to thrive.


Why are we talking about panda sanctuaries? Because pandas are the theme of today’s article. Pandas, and backpacks. To be precise, panda backpacks. Yes, they are a thing, and yes, they are awesome.


Here’s a look at why a panda backpack could be the ultimate summer accessory.


What are panda backpacks?


Don’t let the name fool you, panda backpacks are not in fact backpacks that have been designed for pandas, although it would be so cool if they were. No, instead, panda backpacks are backpacks which are designed to either feature amazing images of pandas, or to be in the shape of a cute and cuddly panda which you strap to your back.


These backpacks are available from and they are not only practical and very useful, they’re also quirky, eye-catching, incredibly cute, and very stylish.


Why do you need a panda backpack in your life?


Some things in life we need to survive each and every single day. Oxygen is one, food is another, and water is yet another. Many of you probably don’t really consider a panda backpack to be an essential part of everyday life, and you would be wrong.


Okay, don’t take us too literally. We aren’t actually saying that you would cease to be if you didn’t purchase a panda backpack, but you would be missing out in a big way. Here’s a look at why.


Panda backpacks are practical


A backpack is designed with practicality in mind, and regardless of the print or design, practical it will be.


If you choose to purchase a panda backpack, you will make your everyday life so much easier. Backpacks offer you heaps of extra storage space and are designed to be comfortable and light weight.


If for example, you do decide to visit the zoo with the kids, wearing a panda backpack means that you’ll be able to carry extra items that wouldn’t fit in your pocket.


They’re lightweight and comfortable


When you wear a backpack, the last thing you want is for the straps to be digging into your back and the weight of the backpack to be weighing you down and causing you all kinds of posture issues.


Panda backpacks from have been specially designed with comfort in mind.


They’re light in weight, they’re made from durable and sturdy materials that are weather resistant, they won’t dig into your skin or restrict your movement, and they won’t weigh you down and leave you in pain and uncomfortable.


Different panda designs available


If you’re a fan of pandas, and let’s face it, who isn’t? Then you’ll love the selection of panda backpacks on offer at have a wide range of panda backpacks available in a selection of fun and unique panda designs.


There are 3D giant panda prints, geometrical panda patterns, backpacks designed in the shape of miniature giant pandas, backpacks featuring panda faces, backpacks depicting giant pandas in the wild, and heaps more besides.


Basically, if you love pandas and are on the hunt for a backpack, head on over to and check out the extensive selection of panda backpacks they have available.


Raise awareness


Finally, the last reason to consider investing in a panda backpack is due to the fact that doing so will help raise awareness for giant pandas.


As you may know, there aren’t many giant pandas left in the wild, which is why it is down to us to step in and help ensure the survival of this amazing species before it becomes extinct forever.


The good news is that conservational efforts are working and giant panda numbers are slowly increasing.


Wearing a panda backpack will raise awareness about these amazing creatures, it could help people to donate to charities, sponsor pandas, or purchase panda merchandise to help fund panda sanctuaries, plus you will look awesome in the process.