Your Ultimate Guide to Mascots

Your Ultimate Guide to Mascots

From fast-food chains to local and international sports teams, if there’s one thing you will always remember about these things it’s the fact that they all have a mascot.


Whether it’s a king, a clown, a bull, a peanut, a jug of juice, a tiger, or anything else for that matter, mascots captivate audiences, bring brand awareness, and generally give your company and your branding an edge over the competition.


Now, as you know, establishing and running your own business is far from easy and it is a process that will eat away at your time virtually 24/7 until you are up and running. For every business that fails, 5 more are waiting in the shadows, ready to pounce and take your spot which is why it’s essential that you succeed.


Investing in a mascot costume may sound a little bizarre to some of you, but from a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. A mascot costume is a sound business investment, and we’re about to show you why that is.


Here’s a look at your ultimate guide to mascots.


What is the purpose of a mascot?


A mascot serves multiple purposes, yet by far one of the main reasons companies invest in mascot costumes is due to the fact that they increase brand awareness and help your business stand out.


Notice how, rather than using the word ‘buy’ we refer to mascot costume purchases as ‘investments’? Well, the reason for that is because ultimately these costumes will make more money and provide a very impressive ROI.


A few key benefits of mascot costumes include:


Increase brand awareness


Brand awareness for a business is the ultimate form of advertising. The more people that are aware of your company and your brand, the more customers you will likely enjoy.


If you want to get an idea about just how important a mascot can be for brand awareness, just think of a certain children’s cartoon company with a talking mouse as its primary mascot. We haven’t named any names, but when you hear of a talking mouse and cartoons, you know exactly which company we’re referring to.


Having a mascot for your company will increase brand awareness no end.


Great talking point


If you want to set your business apart from the rest of the competition, a mascot costume is a great way to do that.


When people visit your business, if there is a larger-than-life mascot on the premises, this serves as a great talking point, it draws eyes to your business, and people will remember it.


Family friendly atmosphere


If you want your business to appeal to families, mascots are fantastic investments.


Having a friendly mascot for your business sets a great example and shows people that you are family friendly and that children are welcome in store. This is not only great for the kids, it’s also great for adults too as it will help them feel more relaxed and at ease.


Why are school mascots important to students?


It isn’t just business owners that can benefit from mascot costumes, it’s also schools and students as well.


Mascot costumes are very important in schools because not only do they help the students to feel more relaxed and at ease, they can also bring great pride to the school.


Mascots in schools are typically either animals, or warriors or symbols of pride. That certainly doesn’t mean that every school either has to have a Barbarian or a cuddly animal for a mascot, as there are kind of weird and wonderful mascots out there.


Usually, schools will showcase their mascots at sporting events, pep rallies, or big celebrations or festivals.


Rather than having just one person chosen to be the designated wearer of the mascot costume, schools will often select pupils based on merits and achievements and will alternate week by week, or event by event.


Mascots are there to build morale, they entertain crowds and get them hyped up during sporting events, they’ll engage spectators, and they will add a friendly and competitive element to sporting events while keeping things relaxed and civil.


How do you use a branding mascot?


In this next section we’re going to quickly look at how branding mascots are used.


Remember, if used correctly, a branding mascot will not only add eyes to your company, it will also increase your profits and add profit to your company in the process.


One easy way of using a branding mascot is to select your mascot costume of choice, and have the mascot wear your company name, logo, and/or colours somewhere highly visible. If your company has a work uniform for example, you could select a panda costume mascot and have the panda wear your company shirt.


As well as physically having a mascot costume in store, you could also have digital versions of your mascot created to advertise products and services online. Some companies will even create short cartoons and animations featuring their mascot, and post them online to social media or sites such as YouTube.


If you really want to push your mascot and marketing, you could have corporate gifts created and perhaps make stuffed plush toys in the form of your mascot and either offer them for sale, or include them as promotional gifts included with purchases.


How do you wear a mascot costume?


If you thought wearing a mascot costume was simply a case of putting the costume on and away you go, you’re very much mistaken.


A mascot costume can be very hot and uncomfortable, especially in hot conditions so it is important that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, you have plenty of ventilation inside, ensure you can move comfortably inside the costume, and ensure you know how to get in and out quickly.


So, which mascot do you go for?


Okay, so you’ve decided that a mascot costume is right for your business, so now it’s time to decide which costume to go for.


Panda costumes are proving to be particularly popular lately, due largely to the fact that giant pandas themselves are such popular animals.


Whether you want to create viral videos featuring your panda mascot, promotional panda gifts, leaflets, or panda merchandise, just head on over to for all of your panda mascot costume needs, and they’ll take care of the rest for you.