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Velvet long panda beanie with sleeves



Pandas are our cute friends and they are always friendly to us.This kind scarf is a hot article of our panda clothing series.All of our panda clothing come from panda hometown with a lot of interesting panda stories..Wearing thins kind scarf means you love panda and you want to appeal to more people to pay attention to pandas .You deserve to own one scarf from panda hometown .

This panda beanie scarf with sleeves is made of velvet,it is quite good for keep your head and hands in warm and comfortable while you were shopping in cold weather .Its material is really soft, quite friendly to your skin and its fashionable and cute design can match most of your outfits. That is good choice for you in winter. If you want to send your boy friend or girl friend a special gift ,of course, it should be one choice.Or you could wear it with your children to show your family happiness. It will be appealing when your families all are on the same panda beanie .You can match it with your sweater or hoodie without hooded or you could wear it only as a lovey scarf depending on your style .When you wash it ,just put it into the cold water with soft laundry detergent for some minutes and clean it . Please do not put it in wash machine or the velvet might be destroy.

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